Development Timeline


Here are my updates I had for the game. Mainly just imoprant notes.

Week 1

Thinking of what game I wanted to do. This also when the two game jam we have I honestly just used these to make my game through out the whole time. Was going to make something like Monkey quest at first.

Week 2

Created the first version of the capstone uinty file. As I did also test out using Zbrush models for my game. Along with creating a simple code that turns one object into another. Seen in the pitch deck.

Week 3

Lost my first game project this week becuase I just forget to copy it over so I can work at it druing uni. Becuase of this I just created another unity project.

Week 4

This was the week I made the UI and Ghosts(Abeo) putting them into the second game model that I haven’t lost yet.

Week 5

This was yarnsprinner week. I have dowload it but yet to put into the game for reason. But I made a test running a test diagloue show in the pitch deck.

Week 6

Setting up the new project once more this time getting my github up and working. third time the charm. Lost second one becuase of an USB error.

Week 7

I got sick druing the time we need to do the pitch deck so I end up recording this video below

Week 8

This was adding in models into the game. which are the fences ones.

Week 9

First NPC was made and added into the game

Week 10

This was the texturing week as I just made a lot of texutres

Week 11

This was a lot of adding. Added Player and coding for the player animation. Creating dialgoue code. Cleaning up a bit.

Week 12

This is the last week aka when I put up everything onto the webstite.

Random Things

IDK where to add these. these are updates but i’m just going to put these random things here.

Had a big spook as my D drive died quite horriblely lucky I didn’t lost anything as I had back ups. This happen on sunday at the end of week ten.