Theme Interpretation

For one my theme in my game is grief which is from my research question.

My take on grief is that it is a human emotion that we all go through. As everyone experience it differently. It happens after an emotional connection had been lost. This mainly happen through the death of a person.

For my game I be tell a story of grief. As NPC will be showing different forms of grief. As by finishing the game you the player have help them move on from them grief. This will also have some psychodlic elements through out it to.


Breaking down these are the desgins I made for my game.


The player character is base on this side character to the left. I took this and simplifed this desgin. It also takes elements from the character Nox from Wakfu.

The player character is a bulky robot that is control by a fire ghost. I wanted something that looked human but not at the same time. Something that would look like it from another world.

NPC and Abeo

These are my ghost desgin so far as this list will grow. All the ghost will be in a 2D look as they aren’t alive anymore having them in a different medium is a cool visual way of showing it.

Level Desgin

This broken up into two parts the tutorial level and the main level. The tutorial is a basiclly a box as the main level is desgin around a town.

Tutorial Level

This here is the tutoiral level as it kind of just a square.

Main Level

This here is the main level. Using this webstie I then turned the image on it size. Using it as a base for the level.


All my models for my game were made in Maya. More will be added.