Gameplay overview

The game play will let the play explore a town after the tutorial area which would be a farmyard. During the game you will find small quests lines that would lead to small puzzles that connected into the main story line. Each quest is to explain what is going on. And once put together will lead to the game ending.

Primary Mechanics

These will be a movement mechanic and a quest mechanic. The quest will work quite simple you first talk to a NPC who gives you a quest this would be to find something. Once the item found you get something from the NPC.

MovementW A S D
Talk to NPCSpace
Pick upE
Camera movementMouse
Moving onto the next dialogue boxright mouse

Secondary Mechanics

The second part is the optional part. Being able to collect the Abeo that are around the area. These act as points as right now they don’t really do much. This was left over part from the game jam project. that had the theme of spreading.

Example of the spreading mechanic that is being rework.